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Issues with keyboard customization and hotkeys

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Hello! I have been working on computers running Windows for 33 years and have been using computers with macOS at home for the last 10 years. I noticed a good trend in the latest versions of Windows
- finalize the aesthetic component of the interface (single style, dark theme support, rounded corners, etc.), but still I find a lot of flaws and problems. But I want to write a separate post about this. And now about the keyboard and hot keys...

I am very grateful that you made the Keyboard Manager utility as part of Power Toys, and thanks to it I was able to swap the control keys in places, like on an Apple keyboard, where it is more convenient for me to use abbreviations like "command + c". But it turned out that with the help of this utility it is impossible to change the hotkey "win + c" to another combination in order to call the "Clipboard history". Another problem showed up when I logged into my work computer via Remote Desktop. Since I swapped the "alt" and "ctrl" keys, they also swapped on my Apple keyboard. Therefore, I have to disable the Keyboard Manager when working through Remote Desktop. But in this case "Clipboard history" is not available! And I have to call it through the virtual keyboard. Another way to solve this problem is to change the key remapping settings in Keyboard Manager to ctrl(left)->win(left), win(left)->ctrl(left) and at the same time turn off the "Use Mac shortcuts" option in the Remote Desktop settings. In this case, Clipboard History becomes available by pressing "ctrl + v". But it is difficult to change the Keyboard Manager settings every time when working remotely.

Is it possible to add an analogue of Keyboard Manager settings for control keys in Remote Desktop for MacOS, and add an option to Keyboard Manager so that it turns off in remote access mode? Or as an option, I would be satisfied with the support for several presets in the Keyboard Manager.

But even better, and it a very big request, add the ability to reassign hotkeys for Windows services, it would be more convenient for me to use the same Clipboard history in a different combination, "ctrl + shift + v" for example.

To switch the language layout, I also have to use a third-party utility to manage the switch with a single press of the left and right shift keys. Please expand the language switching functionality.

Thanks in advance,

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