Is retail Win 11 Pro right for small offices (organizations)?

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Is retail Win 11 Pro right for small office (organization)? 


I want to buy two licenses for desktop PCs for our office. Can I do it with a regular pc component shop - dvd or stick version? Also, second question: what is proof of the legitimacy of my copy of Windows for a legal entity in case of verification? I know that nowadays stickers are no longer used for pc cases.


For example, "Windows 11 Pro 64 Bit DVD OEM Eng FQC-10528"?

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Go and buy a digital license from Microsoft. It will be bound to your Microsoft account so you can easily transfer or find the key. OEM license key can be only used on one computer. If you reinstalled the OS, you will be asked to enter the key manually.
The retail version of Windows 11 Pro should be suitable for a small office or organization. As for purchasing the license, you can buy it from a PC component shop in the form of a DVD or USB stick version.