Is it possible to batch convert PNG to SVG on Windows 11 without losing color?

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I am looking for suggestions on how to batch convert PNG images to SVG format without losing colors. I have tried several online conversion tools, but the colors of the converted SVG files consistently do not match the original PNG images. This color loss or distortion is a problem for my project.  I need a solution that can convert a large number of PNG files to SVG while accurately preserving all the original colors.


I would appreciate any suggestions for software or techniques that can ensure color fidelity during the conversion process.

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Have you tried online tools? They can convert PNG to svg, but whether they keep the colors intact is hard to say.

If you've got access to Adobe Illustrator, it's pretty robust for this kind of task. You can use actions and batch processing to convert your PNG files to SVG on Windows 11. Illustrator generally does a good job of maintaining color fidelity.
Make sure to check the color profile of your PNG files before converting PNG to SVG. You can use software like Adobe Color or ColorSynth to analyze and adjust the color profiles.
If you're working with images that have transparent backgrounds, you may need to adjust the alpha channel settings in your chosen conversion tool to ensure accurate results.


Of course,you can use GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) to batch convert PNG to SVG on Windows 11. As a popular, free image editing software that can also handle batch conversions without losing color. Here's how:


  • Download and install GIMP from their official website.
  • Open GIMP and create a new batch script by going to File > Batch > New Batch Script.
  • In the script window, select the PNG files you want to convert by clicking Add Files.
  • Set the output format to SVG by clicking Output and selecting SVG from the dropdown menu.
  • Click Run to start to batch convert PNG to SVG.
ImageMagick is fully capable of converting PNG to SVG on Windows 11 computer, but due to its complexity it is not the best choice for beginners unless you are familiar with the command prompt. I have challenged the software several times, but failed. So it's best to turn to simple software to help you batch convert PNG to SVG.
Inkscape is a fantastic tool for batch converting PNGs to SVGs on Windows 11 without losing color. I've used Inkscape to convert PNG to SVG, and I was impressed with the results. The conversion process was fast and smooth, and the output files looked great.
As I worked with Adobe Express, it is possible to batch convert PNG to SVG on Windows 11 without losing color. I was impressed by how easily it handled complex color profiles and maintained the original image quality.