Invisible/blurred icons on Windows 11 System Tray

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I have a problem when some of the running applications icons become "invisible/blurred" in the system tray. They are there, occupy space, but no image is shown (or just a blur), like in the example below.





It happens only for some icons, not all. After some time, I found that it happens specifically when:


1) Laptop has external monitor attached. Both the laptop screen and the external monitor has the same resolution (1920x1080), but laptop is 15.6" and external monitor is 24".

2) Only external monitor is active (laptop screen is off)

3) Windows turn off monitor to save energy after "n" minutes of idle

4) When system wakes up, some of the icons in the system tray becomes invisible or blurred.


I found a workaround to the problem: I had to set the scale (in the Windows screen settings) for the laptop monitor to be the same as the external monitor, so now both screens are set to 100% scale. After doing this, the problem never happened again.


It would be nice to have this fixed, since the default 125% scale for the laptop screen offers a better experience for smaller screens in fullHD.

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