Input and Display Issues with Office on Windows 11

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I recently upgraded to Windows 11 on my Microsoft Surface Pro 7, which was previously running Windows 10. Ever since I upgraded, I've been having strange issues while using Microsoft Office programs regarding both the mouse and touchscreen.


OneNote (Microsoft Store Version)

  • Occasionally, after closing the touchscreen keyboard, a large white block will appear on-screen in the same size and position where the keyboard previously was. This white block appears on the top layer of the app and obscures any and all content beneath it; the only way to remove the block is to toggle fullscreen on/off or close the app and reopen it.
  • On a related note, using the compact version of the on-screen keyboard occasionally causes the touchscreen and mouse to become unresponsive inside the space where the full on-screen keyboard would fill. Switching to the full on-screen keyboard and closing it seems to fix the issue, but it's strange that this only happens with the compact view of the keyboard.

Excel (Desktop Version)

  • Occasionally (usually after performing large operations), cell selections will suddenly become mismatched; clicking one cell will select a different cell elsewhere in the document, as if the page had scrolled but failed to update the display to reflect it. Editing the cell originally intended to be edited, even if it appears blank, will overwrite data in the cell actually selected by Excel, causing potential data loss.
  • Scrolling in general in this version of Excel is unresponsive; it often takes full seconds for the page to actually scroll, if it does at all. It's worth noting this only occurs when dragging the scroll bar--clicking the arrow buttons to scroll works just fine, as well as clicking empty space in the scrollbar (although this method also stutters for a brief moment).

I'm aware that some of these issues may be caused by a hardware or performance issue with my Surface, but these problems only started cropping up after my upgrade to Windows 11. And while they're not critical bugs, they're still frustrating to encounter when working on a project, so I thought I would bring the issues to attention. Has anyone else encountered bugs like these?

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