Inconsistent UI After Connecting to External Monitor with Touch Support

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I am really looking for help solving this. I have scoured the Settings and Control panel to find a fix. 


I have a non-touch ThinkPad laptop with a USB-C touch enabled external monitor. Before connecting the external monitor, the UI, File Explorer, Right Click Menus, Hover Notifications, etc. were all following my settings of 1080p, 100% Scaling, Small Font Sizes.


After connecting the monitor, these areas of the UI seemed to have triggered some sort of "optimized for touch" setting that is not user controllable. Icons and fonts on the Desktop. The same thing happened in File Explorer and any right click menus. 


I have included a couple screenshots:

 - First two show my settings of 100% Scaling / Smallest Font Size. 

 - File Explorer in "Context View" with giant fonts.

 - Right click context menu in Edge that is 2/3s the size of my screen 14-inch screen.

 - Large right click context menu from app in overflow.  


I have not been able to find a user setting that fixes this. 

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