iCloud for Outlook Incorrect Username or Password

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I have posted this in the Apple forums, but thought I would try this community as well.  I am on a Windows 11 computer, using Outlook 365. I am able to install iCloud successfully, and log into the client. When I try to set up iCloud for Outlook, so I can see my family calendar along side my work calendar, I get the following error:


"Your setup couldn't start because your username or password is incorrect. Go to iCloud for Windows, sign out, and sign back in"


I have nothing showing in my log files in regard to errors. I have researched online, and have tried everything I can find. I've uninstalled and re-installed, used an older version, removed all files from the AppData folder related to iCloud, etc. I have been able to set up the software successfully on one of my other computers, however, it is this one that is causing this issue.


My thought is there is a security setting within Windows 11 that is preventing this connectivity. Can you please help with possible solutions? Thank you!!

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Not sure relevant, but browsers sometimes save multiple credentials, and these incorrect or superseded passwords replace what you type such that you need to delete and/or edit those credentials as appropriate for icloud.

Credentials settings did not work for me, nor did uninstalling and reinstalling, nor did clearing out %appdata% and %programdata%. 


Fortunately I've been successful with the following:


1. Run Outlook, go to File / Options / Add-ins / Manage COM Add-ins / Go...
2. Disable the iCloud Outlook addin, close Outlook
3. Run Outlook as administrator, disable iCloud addin as per 1&2 above
4. Close Outlook
5. (May need to reboot)
6. In the Start Menu, run iCloud as administrator, ignoring any errors
7. Continue with the setup and things should work
8. No need for addtional run-as admin in the future