I'm not impressed. Windows 11 Issues.

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As a long time user of windows I'll keep this brief.


-The new context menus are terrible. (right click) I ALWAYS have to choose "Show more options"

-The settings panel is confusing. Bring back the control panel. (arrow up, arrow down, to the left?)

-The grouped icons in the notification area are useless. eg wifi, bluetooth, 

-Clicking on the time doesn't bring up the time, or the calendar, overtaken by notifications.

-Snipping tool only has one instance. (take one screen shot, keep it open. take another screen shot does not open another snipping tool window but keeps the original and doesn't allow you to copy unless you choose save, don't save, or cancel.)


The long and short of everything I despise about windows 11 is that it's not like 10 or 7. Constantly crashing and just plain confusing to use.


I beg. Bring back that windows 7/10 useability. 


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Try open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and share your thoughts about the Windows 11.



I really understand you!

If it is less than 10 days after installing Windows11, you can return to the Windows10 version - which will be supported by Microsoft until October 2025.

Microsoft is unlikely to improve productivity to Windows10 :)

@dcmodder I thought Windows 11 was to be an improvement over and above other Windows. Alas, this was not to be! Oh how I liked Windows 8and 8.1. It had all the innovations that now are missing!