I'm getting white lines on the display

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I was watching YouTube and the display kind of froze the graphic content at a random point of time. 

So i could see the same image lightened, but very clear- in the background of everything i did, until i restarted and then saw the normal screen, but highly distorted- there was a problem,  the screen was divided by minute 0.5mm horizontal lines- not thick enough to be noticed if you don't look clearly, but it's evident that there's something wrong with the display. 


I restarted once more- a large part of the right side of my screen was covered with white horizontal lines- the horizontal solid lines were still there, but the white large line- randomly divided in between was there all out of a sudden!


I even reset the pc- clean the drive and remove everything mode- now i just have white lines of random thickness over the entire screen- i don't wanna go to hp support center- last time the really destroyed by laptop- i had to get a new one. Please help. 

Also i don't know how to attach an image- else i would have

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