i installed windows 11 upgrade and now only opera can load my database IIS site.

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i was running iis on windows 10, and a vmware vm running ubuntu for my database.  It ran flawlessly until i upgraded to windows 11.  Now only opera can log in.  Chrome and edge cannot.  In fact they pretty much hang the web server.  Any reason why this would be?  Chrome and edge can load the login page ok, but the login ability is not working and the browser completely hangs

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Does it show any error or warning?
Are you using any extensions on your browser?

i went to incognito which only has lastpass enabled and there is no change, still hangs. No error message. Once chrome hangs, then the website is hung. I have to restart iis

i removed IIS, i had issues with php being installed, couldnt remove, couldnt install properly, i removed it from my path, i put back in IIS, and cgi for iis, manually installed php, and finally working.  what a pain.  now i can log in with other browsers

So you are running a PHP website with IIS?
Glad the issue has been fixed and thank you for sharing your experience.