I hope i am right place i have a home computer. hp all in one.. when i bought months ago windows 10

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i had all compatibility to download windows 11.. and all was  fine... little glitches nothing major.. hp did all diagnostics on all and passed.. some things i had to do with other help.. 

                 Major thing now... My computer the time and day and date changed.... ...major problems to sign in to microsoft or windows..

            Then the most aggravating thing is way back when we all use to use User account control.. i never was fond of it .. but  of this week popping up on my screen... and anything i try to connect to most of the time wants me to sign in.. 

               I know how to do my settings for power.... due  and battery checked and all good.. i can type and etc.. and when i leave the keyboard or mouse shuts down to sign in to account user control or microsoft ...Today was first day.. tried and tried to sign in my microsoft account password and pin. kept rejecting ... had someone try to help. then microsoft said 24 hours for password and pin..  but i just  got thru.....YAy and changed  password and pin.. and account control popped up threw me out.. but i did restart few times back in.

        A nice tech from windows.. told me thru chat last night she was on with me trying all .. and said sadly i would have to do a pc restore....  I am confused.. . Do  i do a  pc restore for windows 10 or 11... 

I have no idea how this happened what is going on...  and the edge keeps repeating now new profile of edge.. can someone help  .. Joanne M. Adamson email address removed for privacy reasons  i am a senior.. and use this computer to help with medical, and games and i use one drive.. but dont know what to do.. at this time here it is 1020 pm  the clock is reading 211 am  also it wednesday here had thursday on computer.. 

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