I don't want Windows 11!


Hi All

I was told that the Windows 11 update was optional, but everything I've experienced recently has been anything but optional. I am constantly interrupted by unexitable windows telling me to either
A.) Update and restart now

B.) Remind me later

C.) Schedule install at a later time


And any time I go to shut down my computer, half of the options are to restart/shut down and update, and it's very easy to accidentally click the wrong one. 

Then TODAY I get another unexitable window telling to "Restart and update NOW" or "Restart and update in 1 hour". No more putting it off apparently! This is ridiculous. I don't want to update to Windows 11. I don't want to have to relearn the Windows layout all over again because of some arbitrary changes. I don't like the way the new Windows 11 looks. I tried playing Warzone and it's extremely laggy now. 

How do I squash this stupid update for good without updating? I can't believe how aggressive and hard Windows is pushing me to switch to this. 

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