I DO NOT want Windows 11

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Dear Microsoft employees/ community,

It's quite simple: Not that long ago I bought a product called Windows 10. I like it. I don't want to be forced to get another product. How can I stop the (very aggressive) Windows 11 update FOR GOOD? I. don't. want. it. Don't tell me it looks pretty, don't tell me I won't have any compatibility issue, don't tell me you won't try to sneak Bing into it. Just don't force me to get it

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Hi @Gaeru00 

Upgrade to Windows11 - it's free.

Of course, you can stop an accidental upgrade, but unfortunately it takes experience .

How to Stop or Block Windows 11 update - Your Windows Guide

Thank you very much @A1 !
That was easy enough. Done, looks like it worked - “The command completed successfully”