I cannot activate Windows 11

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I built a PC and purchased a Windows 11 product key. I used this to setup my PC, however my motherboard was faulty and I needed to return it. I rebuilt my PC with the new motherboard and did the clean install of windows 11, but now it says my key has been used on another PC and I cannot activate it. The troubleshooter does not return any problems and when I click the option saying I changed hardware the PC does not show up. Any idea on how I can use this key now? Or am I just screwed because I already used the activation key once? I contacted support and they are supposed to call me, but that was two days ago and I am yet to receive a call from them and they did not give me a window for which I would hear from them. Any help would be much appreciated.

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What type of license did you purchase was it OEM or Full Package Product?
In case it was OEM license, then it will attach to your motherboard and you are not able to reuse it in new motherboard. Minor changes like changing Hard Disk, RAM ,... are not affected but changing motherboard from activating point of view is like get a new PC. However, in case it was Full Package Product or transferable license, meaning you could remove it from one device and install it on another one, then there shouldn't be any problem.