I believe all owners of i7-7700k and any other processor that meets minimums but not supported...

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Should sue microsoft, this has to be some kind of anti trust violation or something. It is extremely unethical to force people with a perfectly capable, extremely solid and well running processor that meets the minimum requirements to be blacklisted from access to something all other customers are getting. We need to sue their pants off until they allow all processors that check all of their stupid little boxes. They should not be allowed to just blacklist some processors due to a backroom deal with intel to try to force us to buy a new processor.

Requiring secure boot and tpm 2.0 is fine, that is understandable. if the software needs those features fine, but the i7-7700k and other processors that are blacklisted have those things, and therefore should not be blocked from normal update proceedures. Either that or a court should force them to continue to support windows 10 for all processors that meet the 11 minimum requirements but are blacklisted for absolutely no good reason.

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