How will Win11 react if GPU does not meet min. requirement?

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Hi Everyone


Two questions;


Q1. How will Win11 react if GPU does not meet min. requirement? 

During some testing, I've noticed the MS seems to be installing a MSBDD (Microsoft basic display driver) that is not 'bound' to any hardware. In-display properties, I see the "display" listed, but it is not assigned to any HW? 


Q2. Is there a way to disable hardware acceleration? 


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Have you tried running the PC Health Check app?
It will check your system readiness for the Windows 11 and if GPU or anything is not compatible it will let you know. Otherwise, it will show your system is ready and you may upgrade to the Windows 11.

@Reza_Ameri  Thanks Reza. I have Windows 11 21H2 (Build 22000.258) running just fine.... BUT my GPU is a DX9 only device. Works fine, but I have this Microsoft Basic Display Driver showing up in the Windows display properties. (Does not show up in Device Manager). 


Would be good to know if there is a way to disable HW acceleration.



I guess there could be a compatibility issue with your GPU driver and you have to wait for the update. You may try to manually install it and see if it works.
You may disable the Hardware Acceleration in the Microsoft Edge browser but if you want to do it from the GPU setting, you have to check with your device manufacturer support.