How to wake up my Thinkpad in Tablet mode


Hi, I am using Lenovo Thinkpad X1 gen 6. When my laptop sleeps on tablet mode I am not able to wake it up until I change it to Laptop mode, Is there a way to wake it up on tablet mode without turning it laptop mode? I tried all keys and even power key not working at all

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There is no tablet mode in the Windows 11 (like Windows 10).
Are you referring to a different functionality?
Are you referring to the case when you insert the keyboard?


The other reply is not at all correct. There is a tablet mode in Windows 11 because the display changes when you flip the laptop. For anyone reading this, you can hold the power button down for several seconds and it will wake. Just don't hold it down for too long because that might force power down

Tablet mode I was referring to is the following:
Like I mentioned earlier , it doesn't exists in Windows 11.
If user hold the power button for few second it will force shutdown the PC which is NOT recommended and it might damage the system.


I have a thinkpad windows 11 and I was using it in tablet mode when I responded to the original post. If you hold down the power button when the device is flipped into a tablet, it wakes the screen. I did it several times because I actually have this device. Thanks

Has the problem been solved? I have reviewed the suggestions above and personally think this is the best answer.


Update Your System: Make sure your BIOS, drivers, and operating system are fully updated. Lenovo often releases updates that can fix issues like these.

Check Power Settings: Dive into your power settings in Windows. You can adjust the sleep and wake settings specifically for tablet mode. Look for settings related to what actions wake the computer from sleep.

This tablet mode is a feature of the device and NOT Windows and it means if you install it on other tablet your might not see this feature and in this case, you need to check with Lenovo's support.
Try resetting the power management settings to their default values. You can do this by going to Settings > System > Power & sleep > Additional power settings > Change plan settings > Change advanced power settings. From there, you can reset the power plan to its default settings.