How to Run Task Manager on Windows 11 (6-Ways)


How to Run Task Manager on Windows 11 (6-Ways)How to Run Task Manager on Windows 11 (6-Ways)

A task manager is a system monitor tool that provides information about the processes and programs operating on a computer, as well as the machine's overall state.


Method 1: Run Window
To open the Run window, press Windows+R, then type "taskmgr", and then click "OK" or hit Enter. Task Manager will open up.


Method 2: Ctrl+Shift+Escape
Simply press Ctrl+Shift+Escape on your keyboard to bring up Task Manager.


Method 3: Ctrl+Alt+Delete
On the keyboard, press "Ctrl + Alt + Delete," you will see few options. To open Task Manager, select "Task Manager."


Method 4: Start Button
To open Task Manager, right-click the Start button on the taskbar. Select "Task Manager" from the menu that appears, and Task Manager will be launched.


Method 5: Command Prompt
Open the Command Prompt, type "taskmgr," and press Enter. Task Manager will launch immediately.


Method 6: Start Search
Click the "Start" button and then type "Task Manager" into the search bar. The Task Manager app should be the first result. To open the Task Manager, click on its icon.

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Just do a search & add it to the Task Bar

yes it takes a couple of seconds to first do

Right click of Start button no longer has Task Manager - users of Windows need a stable/easy way to access this tool.  Numerous old standby tools have been changed or removed in Win 11 which is not a good way to keep customers.