How to Run Task Manager on Windows 11 (6-Ways)

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How to Run Task Manager on Windows 11 (6-Ways)How to Run Task Manager on Windows 11 (6-Ways)

A task manager is a system monitor tool that provides information about the processes and programs operating on a computer, as well as the machine's overall state.


Method 1: Run Window
To open the Run window, press Windows+R, then type "taskmgr", and then click "OK" or hit Enter. Task Manager will open up.


Method 2: Ctrl+Shift+Escape
Simply press Ctrl+Shift+Escape on your keyboard to bring up Task Manager.


Method 3: Ctrl+Alt+Delete
On the keyboard, press "Ctrl + Alt + Delete," you will see few options. To open Task Manager, select "Task Manager."


Method 4: Start Button
To open Task Manager, right-click the Start button on the taskbar. Select "Task Manager" from the menu that appears, and Task Manager will be launched.


Method 5: Command Prompt
Open the Command Prompt, type "taskmgr," and press Enter. Task Manager will launch immediately.


Method 6: Start Search
Click the "Start" button and then type "Task Manager" into the search bar. The Task Manager app should be the first result. To open the Task Manager, click on its icon.

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Not to mention the increasingly crazy file manager in Office.
Microsoft certainly knows which items were most frequently used so they can change the way of running them with almost every new release. I agree Microsoft took away the most frequently used items and made it more difficult to access in Windows 11. Earlier in Windows 10 and prior it used to be 1 click now you have to go into some other menu requiring at least 2 clicks to do this. Alternatively have registry modifications done to get back the familiar items.
It is, but the fastest way to access Task Manager was by mouse through the taskbar.
How is everyone missing Method 4... as if the Start Menu Icon is not part of the Taskbar...? The best confirmed response is to ask for a feature that is already there? I'd say, update this post with Method 1 being the Start Menu method, with a short description of it being "very similar" to the original Taskbar method...except exactly the same...
I always used the Ctrl+Shift+Escape method, but it doesn't work like in previous versions. Ctrl+Right_Shift+Escape works, but Ctrl+Left_Shift+Escape does not, which is what I would always use. This is definitely a bug. Anyone else have this issue?
Yes it is kinda stpd why remove something it was widely used.



The best imo not mentioned here is: press Windows+x then press t.

1-handed and quick.


Best comment here. I completely agree. Everything that makes Windows what it is is removed to try to be more like Apple. If you want to be more like Apple, create a phone that people want to use. Innovate like Steve Jobs did and create something people can't do without. The only reason I use Windows is because I play games. But, I guess MS was built on stolen ideas from others, so how can we expect you to innovate when Steve Jobs is dead???
You can also pin the task manager to the taskbar so it's available with one click. I'm trying that right now to see how annoyed I am at having to place it there.


I've pinned the Task Manager & Control panel, amongst other things, to the Task Bar. Just as effective

Exactly. Microsoft used to be leaders, now they are followers. Following everything Apple does; disregarding the things that set them apart from Apple. The fact that you can still right click on the taskbar, but get one option "taskbar settings" is asinine.

I know right, still reserching see  if it's possible to add it back maybe though register @andsoitgoes 

thanks, this is very useful.

@mdcleaver So, you cripple Windows' features intentionally and then complain that a sub-feature is missing? And this is Microsoft's problem exactly why?

Who cripples Windows features, @der_reisende?  And which features?

Awesome, it's a new one for me but may become my favorite since they broke all the other ways! When a system is unresponsive, Ctrl-**bleep**-Esc to get to kill a task is a necessity they thought was a 'feature' I guess, but this method will be used by me for sure.

Thank you!



Create a new shortcut. 

then type taskmgr then you should be to open task manager. 

you can added to the start programs in Windows 11. 


His helped me. 


Good Luck!



@mdcleaver  this  was a remark to your statement that a) right-clicking on the windows symbol will only bring a context menu  leading to task manager when "Microsoft shell is being used" and b) that you purposely disable this shell for whatever reasons.


BTW: I have not been able to confirm your statement a). By "Microsoft shell" do you mean "Powershell" or "Windows Shell" or the "Standard Shell" (sysgen_standardshell)? How to disable it and why?

Someone apparently had to justify their paycheck by making changes for change's sake.

Just do a search & add it to the Task Bar

yes it takes a couple of seconds to first do