How to Fix QBDBMGRN Not Running on This Computer Error?

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Troubleshooting Solutions :  QBDBMGRN Not Running on This Computer


Encountering the "QBDBMGRN Not Running on This Computer" error in QuickBooks can be frustrating, but there are several troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve it:


  1. Restart QuickBooks Services: Begin by restarting the QuickBooks Database Server Manager and related services. Go to the Windows Start menu, type "Services" in the search bar, and press Enter. Locate the QuickBooksDBXX service (XX denotes the version of QuickBooks), right-click on it, and select Restart. Repeat this process for other related services like QuickBooksDBXX (QBDBXX) and QuickBooksDBXX (QBCFMonitorService).
  2. Update QuickBooks: Ensure that both QuickBooks and QuickBooks Database Server Manager are updated to the latest versions. Outdated software may encounter compatibility issues leading to the "QBDBMGRN Not Running on This Computer" error. Visit the official QuickBooks website or use the built-in update feature within the software to download and install the latest updates.
  3. Check QuickBooks Installation: Verify the integrity of the QuickBooks installation on the affected computer. Sometimes, corrupt or missing files can cause the QBDBMGRN error. Go to the Control Panel, then select Programs and Features. Find QuickBooks in the list of installed programs, right-click on it, and choose Repair. Follow the prompts to repair the installation.
  4. Restart the Computer: A simple restart of the computer can often resolve temporary glitches that cause the QBDBMGRN error. After restarting, check if QuickBooks opens without encountering the error.
  5. Check Firewall and Antivirus Settings: Adjust firewall and antivirus settings to ensure they are not blocking QuickBooks processes. Add exceptions for QuickBooks and its associated processes in firewall and antivirus software to allow them to function properly. Consult the documentation of your firewall or antivirus program for instructions on adding program exceptions.
  6. Verify Network Connectivity: Ensure that the computer has proper network connectivity to access QuickBooks Database Server Manager. Check network cables, routers, and switches for any signs of malfunction. Ensure that the workstation running QuickBooks has proper network access to the server hosting the company file.
  7. Recreate QuickBooks Network Data (.ND) File: If the issue persists, recreate the QuickBooks Network Data (.ND) file associated with the company file. Close QuickBooks on all workstations and navigate to the folder containing the company file. Locate the corresponding .ND file, rename it, and reopen QuickBooks. QuickBooks will automatically recreate the .ND file, potentially resolving any corruption issues causing the error.

By following these troubleshooting steps, users can effectively address the "QBDBMGRN Not Running on This Computer" error in QuickBooks and resume normal operations without significant disruption. If the problem persists after attempting these solutions, it may be necessary to contact QuickBooks support for further assistance.


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