How to enable 'Never Combine taskbar buttons'. Windows 11 ?

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Hi @all
I did not find this function 'Never Combine taskbar buttons'. How can this function be found and enabled in windows 11?
I can't work with multi-tab on windows 11.

Thank you!

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@hoanglongson Looks like soon means more than 2 years...

It works, it is available now @ramiroiblanco 



@omersayli not for all users...:pensive_face:

My employer (a global multinational) installs a new Windows feature update every two or three years, after extensive testing that all possible business apps work in it. So we'll have to wait for a couple of years for this important Windows 10 feature to return. Thanks MS :(


There didn't seem to be any way to show app tray icons after Explorer Patcher was installed, other than behind the little top facing arrow. So uninstalled.

I have just upgraded to 11, and have no way to bring this view back. Could you, please, screenshot the settings menu?



Right click on Taskbar




Taskbar Setting ---> The last two option, change them to "Never"



Hope this helps!


Mate, you are golden! Thank you

Seems to work for a lot of people going by the comments, didn't work for me though.
finally!!! i upgraded to 23H2 and now I have the option to never combine! yay!

@ceantuco   Yes, that's right!

Windows11 23H2 Update - is now officially available, you can download the Installation Assistant to speed up the rollout of new features and perform system updates safely:

Download Windows 11 (




has there been any updates or fixing of this? My company also has done the win11 install updates and this missing function is very annoying and no any updates visible to get back. It si a shame to have the taskbar like this I don't understand the logic in it at all. Now we need to jump in and jump out in icons and impossible to work and see simultaneously the different screens.

Hi, Have you installed 23h2 update, as explained in the above explanations, the option to "Never combine" is available now. (Taskbar settings --> Taskbar behaviors --> Combine taskbar buttons and hide labels" )

@omersayli hi yes it would be great but not available now for me so I wrote to out IT team to check and download it for me. Thanks hope will help

I had to go right-click on the taskbar, select "Task settings" then scroll down to "Taskbar Behaviors" and expand that , then down at the bottom is a Combine taskbar buttons and hide labels that I was able to toggle to Never. I guess they recently added this old feature back into windows. Yeah! Thanks @austinjhones72
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