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How to enable 'Never Combine taskbar buttons'. Windows 11 ?

Steel Contributor

Hi @all
I did not find this function 'Never Combine taskbar buttons'. How can this function be found and enabled in windows 11?
I can't work with multi-tab on windows 11.

Thank you!

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I recommend you to drop a feedback on this to Microsoft, using Feedback hub app.


Also, see if this guide helps you:


FYI, there is already a long discussion about this in following thread:


*This reply was updated to make sure it is valid.

@hoanglongson for now you may try


You just put dxgi dll into windows folder, restart and you can tweak taskbar to be like in windows 10 with nevercombine options etc. Everything is described in the link.


I have talked to Microsoft support, they said there will be an official update to fix this problem, enable 'Combine taskbar buttons' Windows 11

I hope that update comes soon

Take a look at the chat picture:

@hoanglongson does Microsoft employee speak English at all? - that screenshot doesn't look legit. 2 sentences and 22 mistakes...

I can't think of a reason to fake this information, see the photo.
Don't always think negatively.

I am so glad that I installed Windows 11 in a VM before upgrading any other computer. This is a setting that turn off on every PC or server I use as I find having the taskbar combined and the labels removed frustrating and unintuitive to use. I won't be upgrading anything until this oversight is resolved.

@Mousefluff Looking forward to a full fix. This is really important to me and many friends who use Windows. Having all my windows open grouped together slows down my productivity and makes my experience with windows incredibly frustrating. 

Even I am facing the same issue. Hope Microsoft resolve this issue soon till then switching to windows 10.

Dear Microsoft,
Please stop emphasizing form over function. Most of us who use Windows are trying to get work done as efficiently as possible. Did anybody think what would happen if you opened more than 1 spreadsheet?
Please Microsoft, bring the never combine taskbar icons back. Far too many people rely on it for their daily activities

Worked for me.

however my system tray clock is gone, also lost start menu


I have serious trouble understanding what kind of a brainworm infestation could a person designing taskbar for Wins 11 have to not only go on with this useless and insulting feature of combining buttons but only make it the only option. 


Check this out

Wokred perfeclty for me (you even get a GUI for settings)

@Elboyler FYI I used this DLL and it worked, but I was having weird random stuff happen like the start button would quit working and I'd have to kill/restart explorer.exe.  Removed it and never had that issue again so this isn't a real good solution.

This didn't work, got several errors and a prompt to enter a name, When I restarted explorer.exe my start menu didn't work anymore so had to revert.


Install EP_SETUP.EXE and run it, restart your PC and off you go.