How to download Spotify playlist to computer for offline listening?

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I recently came across an amazing playlist on Spotify that I would love to download the entire all of the tracks to my computer so I can listen them on my Apple Watch. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how to go about this. I've looked into a few methods but haven't found a working solution that works for me.


Is there any specific software or method that is recommended for this purpose? Also, are there any legal considerations I should be aware of when downloading Spotify playlist to computer? Much appreciated if someone could share a reliable method for doing this.



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To download Spotify playlists to your computer, you can try using software like Spotify Playlist Downloader. It can help you save Spotify music directly to your computer, and then you can transfer these music to your Apple Watch for offline listening. 


I've been using it for almost a year, and it's working great! 

I get it here:


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If you're more comfortable with browser extensions for downloading Spotify playlist to computer. The "Spotify Playlist Downloader" extension (again!) is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

  • Install the extension from the Chrome Web Store or Firefox Add-ons page.
  • Open Spotify in your browser and navigate to the playlist you want to download.
  • Click the extension icon in your browser toolbar.
  • Select the output format (MP3 or M4A) and click "Download."

Spotify Premium offers the convenient feature of downloading the entire Spotify playlists for offline listening. This allows users to enjoy their favorite music without an internet connection, perfect for situations like commuting, traveling, or areas with poor network coverage.

Why not use Spotify's Built-in Download Feature? Spotify has a feature called "Local Files" that allows you to download your music to your computer. Although It can't download entire playlists directly from Spotify, but you can use this feature to download individual tracks.

@chirpssionAnother possible solution is using an audio recording app on your computer. This free approach involves recording the audio output of your device while the playlist plays. The Audio recorder app captures the music as you listen to it, converting it into a file that you can store and play offline.


To download Spotify playlist to mp3 on computer, you'll need an audio recording software installed on your device, such as Audacity for desktops or any reliable recording app for mobile devices. Open the audio recorder, set it to capture system audio, and start playing your Spotify playlist. The recorder will capture each song in real-time, so ensure you let the playlist play from start to finish without interruptions.


After recording, you'll need to save and organize the recorded files. Typically, the recorder will save the audio in a default location, often in formats like MP3 or WAV. You can then rename these files, add metadata like song titles and artist names, and store them in a dedicated folder for easy access.

When you download tracks directly from Spotify Premium, they're often compressed in a way that affects their audio quality. Think lower bitrate, less detailed soundscapes, and a generally less epic listening experience. I don't think this is the best way to download Spotify playlist to mp3 on computer.

Are you going to use an audio recording app to download Spotify playlist to mp3 on computer? The downside to this method is that the audio quality may not be as high as the original Spotify files, and the sound may be affected by the quality of the computer's audio output and recording software. Additionally, there may be slight imperfections or distortion in the recording due to the way it's captured.


To be honest, Spotify Premium offline mode can be quite frustrating at times. I was planning to go on a trip and wanted to download Spotify playlists to my phone in advance so I could listen to them on the road. As a result, the download speed was super slow, and I finally waited for everything to download, only to find that some songs were not downloaded.


What's more frustrating is that these downloaded playlists can only be listened to in the Spotify app, and cannot be directly exported to other devices, such as Apple Watch. I have to bring my phone with me every time and use the Spotify app to sync, which feels very troublesome.


Another time, I forgot to log in to Spotify again, and the offline songs were grayed out, and I had to reconnect to the network to verify. Although these are minor issues, they are sometimes really annoying, especially when needed. In short, although offline mode is quite convenient, it also has many limitations and troubles.


I once had a situation where I wanted to download a whole Spotify playlist to my computer. After a lot of trouble, I finally tried Audials Music 2023, it's also a great Spotify playlist downloader tool. This method is really interesting. It basically records the music you play and saves it as a local file.


I was quite skeptical when I first used it, but it is actually quite simple to use. After installing Audials Music 2023, open the software, select the recording mode, and then go to Spotify to play your favorite playlist. Audials will automatically recognize and record these songs and save them as MP3 or other formats.


I once recorded an entire playlist, and the effect was pretty good, and the sound quality was also very good. The only thing that was a bit troublesome was that you had to ensure that the network and computer were stable during the recording process, without freezing or disconnecting, otherwise the recorded audio would be problematic. Also, I basically did nothing else while recording, and concentrated on watching it finish recording.


One time, I really wanted to download a playlist from Spotify, and I thought about finding an online tool to do it. The result was really full of twists and turns. At first, I used several online Spotify playlist downloader tools, and I felt that those websites were more unreliable than one another.


The first website looked quite professional, but the download speed was as slow as a snail, and the downloaded sound quality was particularly poor. I endured it for a long time, but in the end, a bunch of ads popped up, and there were even several forced download plug-ins, which made me confused and almost poisoned.


In the end, there was really no choice but to give up online tools and look for some more reliable third-party software. I feel that although online tools are convenient, the various restrictions and risks are really unbearable. If someone wants to download Spotify playlists like me, I still recommend finding some software with a good reputation, after all, safety and quality are more guaranteed.

@chirpssion AllToMP3 is a free and user-friendly open-source music downloader designed to simplify the process of converting and downloading your favorite music from popular streaming platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube. With AllToMP3, users can easily convert playlists, albums, and individual tracks into high-quality MP3 files.


The Spotify playlist downloader tool retains its original quality of downloaded music, and offers high-bitrate MP3 files for an optimal listening experience. In addition, AllToMP3 preserves important metadata such as track titles, artists, album names, and cover art, ensuring that your music library stays organized.


Most importantly, using AllToMP3 is a breeze. Simply install the application on your computer, copy the URL of the playlist, album, or track you wish to download, and paste it into the app. AllToMP3 will handle the rest, converting and downloading Spotify playlists to the specified location.

Spotiload (Spotify VK Downloader) is a practical and convenient browser extension designed for music enthusiasts who want to download their favorite Spotify playlists. This extension leverages the social network to locate and download Spotify tracks.


This extension is designed with simplicity in mind and suitable for users of all levels to navigate and download music without hassle. What is more, Spotiload allows users to download entire playlists from Spotify.


Once you have installed the extension on your Chrome browser, simply log in to your VK account. Navigate to the Spotify playlist you want to download, and Spotiload Spotify playlist downloader to mp3 will automatically search for matching tracks in the music library. The extension will then provide download links for the tracks it finds in mp3 format.


One time, I wanted to download my favorite Spotify playlists to my computer so that I could listen to them on my Apple Watch. Since I didn't want to use third-party Spotify playlist downloader software, I decided to try something creative.


I have a home audio system that supports Spotify Connect, which gave me an idea. I connected my Spotify account to the audio system and played my favorite playlists through the audio system. Next, I started recording using the recording software on my computer. This method is actually quite fun because it's like recording my own private concert.


I noticed that the recording quality is actually quite good, as long as the audio volume is adjusted properly and there is not much background noise. Of course, this is not the most convenient method because it takes time to record manually, but for me, it is a fun and effective way to achieve my goals.


However, I would like to remind everyone that this method is a bit "rustic" and may not be completely legal. Spotify's terms of service clearly state that music can only be used for personal entertainment and cannot be downloaded or distributed at will. Therefore, everyone should use this method with caution and try to only listen to it yourself and not share it with others. 


One time, I really wanted to download the playlists on Spotify to my computer so that I could listen to them anytime without an internet connection. I didn't want to use those third-party software, so I decided to try to use the tools that come with the system to solve the problem. I use Mac, so I thought of QuickTime Player. The built-in screen recording function of this software is very useful, but it takes a little trick to record the system audio. I found a small tool called Soundflower, which can import the system audio into QuickTime. In this way, I can record the audio of Spotify playlists.


  1. Install Soundflower: Download and install Soundflower from the official website.
  2. Set system audio output: In System Preferences, select Soundflower as the audio output device.
    Open QuickTime Player: Launch the QuickTime Player application.
  3. Create a new screen recording: In QuickTime Player, select the "File" menu and then click "New Screen Recording".
  4. Select the audio input source: In the screen recording window, click the arrow next to the record button and select Soundflower as the audio input source.
  5. Start playing a Spotify playlist: Open Spotify and start playing the playlist you want to record.
    Start recording: Click the record button in QuickTime Player to start recording your screen and audio.
  6. Stop recording and save: After playing the playlist, click the stop button in QuickTime Player, then save the recorded file.

Now you can use this Spotify playlist downloader method to record and save the audio of your Spotify playlist.


Of course, this kind of recording is a bit gray, because Spotify's terms of service say that music can only be listened to, not downloaded. So, when using this Spotify playlist downloader method, everyone should pay attention to only use it for their own listening, and don't share the recording file at will.


Spotify has partnered with Apple Watch, so you just need to install Spotify on your Apple Watch and connect it to a cellular or WiFi. If you want to play Spotify offline on Apple Watch, you need to download the songs using an Internet connection. Just open your Spotify on your iPhone and tap Download to Apple Watch on the playlist screen.
If you want to play offline Spotify music without Premium, you need to install the AudFree Spotify Playlist Downloader on your computer and convert Spotify songs to MP3. Then, move the MP3 files to your iPhone via USB cable or other transferring ways. Once the MP3 files are on your iPhone, you can open the Bluetooth function and tap "My Watch > Music > Add Music" to transfer the Spotify songs to your Apple Watch.

If you want more detailed steps, you can read this blog.