How I save or create a new restore points in another disk?

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I want to save or create my restore points in another disk that there isn't a Windows installed, remember the restore points save many people must format the PC in case of some problem and I want to save these points in another disk, because I don't want my restore points to consume my principal space disk and is good you save more of 5 restore points at least, so, how I save or create new restore points in another disk using the task scheduler?

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You have done correctly by reducing to 5% the space to save the restore points
You can certainly create a system recovery disk on an external USB .
Administrative tools> recovery disk> create.
You can enable file history with save location on external USB

Ok, look like a great solution to transfer the restore points or backups between PC's for the pen drive or external storage, but can I create a restore point on another disk (when the disk already is inserted into the PC) using the task scheduler?
In this space, they will help answer your query , although it does not seem possible with the help of a task scheduler to perform this.
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I have a Windows 11, but these solutions can function in these two or more versions of Windows. If you want to help me, access this link:


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I found out one option to do one system image (one alternative to the restore points), I will test when I format, or some error/bug happen in my PC, thanks to try help me

Yeah guys, I find one good alternative to restoring points, but it still is useful when I need to restore something quickly to resolve certain problem in case I didn't find one solution