How do I get rid of QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error When Opening Company File?

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I am encountering an unrecoverable error when attempting to open my company file in QuickBooks Desktop. The error message appears upon launching the program and selecting the company file.


  • When I try to open the company file, I receive an error message stating "Unrecoverable Error."
  • QuickBooks Desktop may close unexpectedly.
  • This error occurs regardless of the company file I attempt to open. 

This issue prevents me from accessing my company data in QuickBooks, hindering my ability to perform essential accounting tasks such as managing finances, generating reports, and processing payroll.

I would like to resolve the unrecoverable error and access my company file in QuickBooks Desktop. Any suggestion would be appreciated!

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Encountering an unrecoverable error in QuickBooks can be frustrating, but there are steps you can take to try and access your company file.


Here's a troubleshooting tip:

Open QuickBooks with Limited Startup:

QuickBooks might be bogged down by automatically opening reports or windows. Try a clean startup:

Close QuickBooks Desktop.
Hold Ctrl and double-click the QuickBooks icon.
Keep holding Ctrl until the "No Company Open" window appears.
Select your company file and click Open.


If this allows you to open the file, it suggests conflicting startup elements. You can then adjust your settings to prevent unwanted windows from opening automatically.


For more comprehensive troubleshooting steps, refer to Intuit's official support resources [search quickbooks unrecoverable error ON Intuit].Quickbooks Help & Support.png