How do I download video from any websites on Windows 11?

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I'm trying to find a way to download videos from any websites on my Windows 11 system. I've noticed that while browsing, there are several videos I come across on different platforms that I would like to save for offline viewing. However, I'm unsure about the tools or methods that are effective and safe to use for this purpose. Could someone recommend any reliable software or a step-by-step method that can assist in downloading videos from a range of websites without compromising on the video quality or the security of my computer? Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


[Update]: Thanks to netizens for their help, especially Kranyak’s recommendation. I decided to use the AllClipDown tool to download the video. This is a good app and downloads very quickly. I like it very much!

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Ah, I was in the same boat as you, scouring the web for a reliable way to download videos from any websites my Windows 11 machine without resorting to sketchy software. Instead of relying on specific software, I use a desktop application called "AllClipDown" for either Windows or Mac. It's super handy because it can download videos from any websites with just a few clicks. 

No weird ads or extra bundled software either, which is a relief. It’s clean, does what you tell it to, and doesn’t mess with your system. I’d definitely recommend giving "AllClipDown" a shot if you’re looking for a reliable way to download videos. It’s one of those tools that just works and doesn’t fuss about it.


See how it works and download it here:





Let me tell you, I discovered a workaround to download video from any websites on Windows 11. What I do is use the built-in developer tools in the web browser. Yep, it's right there, hiding in plain sight! Here's how it works: I right-click on the webpage where the video is playing, then select "Inspect" from the context menu. This opens up the developer tools panel, where I look for the "Network" tab. From there, I start playing the video again and keep an eye on the network requests. Usually, you'll spot one that's related to the video file. Right-click on it, copy the URL, paste it into a new browser tab, and voila! You can download video from any websites without any extra software or extensions.

Sure thing! If you're looking for a way to download videos from various websites on Windows 11, you can try using an online video downloader website. These websites typically allow you to paste the URL of the video you want to download and then provide you with a download link. Like, and

These online video downloader websites are convenient and easy to use if you want to download videos from various websites, requiring no installation of software or browser extensions. Just keep in mind that while they are generally safe to use, exercise caution and be wary of any pop-up ads or deceptive download buttons on these websites.

As far as I know, the popular online video downloader can only download one type of video. However, desktop video downloaders have better support for video sources. You can download video from any website (1000+) with SysCute AllClip. You can try it on your Windows 11 PC.
Hello, thank you for your reply, I have never heard of these software but I think it is necessary to try it, it would be great if you could share some tutorials on how to download videos from web pages.
I'm worried that online tools are not safe, will there be ads, and can they support batch downloads?

Only the desktop tool is capable of downloading videos from any websites on a Windows 11 PC.  Most of online video downloader only support one site and no bulk download option available. If you are planning to download more than 10 videos, then use a video downloader software on your Windows PC instead.

I know a tool called "you-dl" can download videos from YouTube videos, but I'm not sure if it can download videos from any website, youtube-dl ( is a command-line program to download videos from and a few more sites.
One software for downloading videos from any websites on Windows 11 that I recommend is Freemake Video Downloader. This software allows you to easily download videos from any websites, including YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and more. It also supports batch downloading and converting videos to different formats. Additionally, Freemake Video Downloader is user-friendly and offers a simple interface for a seamless downloading experience.

+ 1 for AllClipDown video downloader. It works flawlessly on my Windows 11 PC. I have used it for downloading videos from YouTube, TikTok and Instagram without any problem. I think it is the right software you are looking for as it can almost download videos from any websites!