How can I Install Windows 11 on a New Hard Drive?

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I need help with installing Windows 11 on a hard drive. I'm not sure about the precise steps necessary for installing the operating system on the new hard drive. Is the process different from previous versions?

If so, I would appreciate an outline of the new steps required. I hope somebody can provide advice on how to complete this process successfully. If there are any potential issues or problems I need to watch out for.


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Did you already installed and activated the Windows 11 on the same device?
The process is simple, you will need to boot from USB or DVD and follow the installation steps and at the final step, you will need to connect to internet to activate your PC and check for update.

Download Media Creation Tool from Windows 11 product page and insert a USB drive.


After that, run Media Creation Tool and make a bootable USB from Windows 11 ISO.


Finally, boot your computer from USB and select the target drive to install Windows 11.