How can I convert a YouTube Playlist to MP3 on my Windows Computer

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I recently discovered a YouTube channel with a lot of non-copyrighted instrumental music that I really enjoy. The channel states that all the music is non-copyright, so I can freely download the videos to my computer for offline listening. However, I don't have a YouTube Premium subscription, and the download options provided by YouTube Premium are not what I'm looking for.


I would like to convert the entire playlist of these music videos to MP3 format so I can download them to my Windows computer. I don't want to use an online YouTube to MP3 converter to do this one video at a time. Can anyone recommend a tool that can convert all the videos in a YouTube playlist to MP3 without losing audio quality? Your advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


After some searches, I get a video downloader called SurFast that allows me to convert YouTube playlist to MP3 in one go.

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