How can I batch Convert WEBP to JPG on my Windows 11?

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I'm looking for a way to batch convert WEBP images to JPG format on my Windows 11 PC. I have a large number of WEBP files that I need to convert into JPGs for easier compatibility with various applications and services that don't support the WEBP format. I'm seeking a solution that can handle the conversion of multiple files at once to save time, rather than having to manually convert each image one by one. Hopefully there is no loss in image quality! Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


My device:HP laptop, Windows 11 Home.

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There's a handy command-line utility known as dwebp which is perfect for decompressing WEBP files. If you have all the files you want to convert in a single directory, simply navigate to that directory using cd in your command prompt.


Once there, you can execute the following command:

for %f in (*.webp) do dwebp %f -o %f.jpg.


This command loops through all WEBP files in the directory and converts each one to a JPG file.

It’s always a bit satisfying to see that Windows can still handle those good old DOS commands! 

Thanks, but I hate to use command because my computer skills are average, I am afraid of corrupting my files! Any other suggestion to convert webp to JPG in bulk.
Some potential pitfalls to watch out for when you batch convert WEBP to JPG on Windows 11! You may lose some of the image quality. WEBP is a lossless format, which means it can retain more detail and texture than JPG, which is a lossy format. Be prepared for some loss of image quality, especially if you're converting high-resolution images.
If you're using an outdated or buggy conversion software to batch convert WEBP to JPG, you might end up with corrupted files or even file system errors. Make sure to use a reputable and well-maintained software to avoid this issue.
Save image as Type chrome extension. Open the original web page and right click on the webp image. There is an option for saving it as jpg. This is a nice way to convert webp to jpg. Unfortunately, batch convert is not available!


I tried your method but it doesn't seem to work, it says: dwebp is not recognized as an internal or external command.  Am I doing someting wrong? Is there any other ways to convet webp to JPG?



Do I need to download and install the ImageMagick first?