Going Back to Windows 10 after 10 days

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What are the methods to go back to windows 10, after the Go Back function is not anymore available on windows 11? I want to avoid installing windows 10 from the scratch. 

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Hi, and I may ask why?
I remember that you recommended a workaround to install Windows11 on not supported computers - did something go wrong?

No, it is working very well till now including the updates.
The last video published on my channel is done on a unsupported windows 11 PC.
Mainly, for testing reasons I want to check if it is possible to go back to windows 10, also we are having users at our company not happy with windows 11.

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Thanks a lot!
There is another method from Recovery Mode, but not sure if it may work.
Recovery will only restore to Windows11!
You have ten days to go back and after that there is no way to downgrade and you only could perform a clean install. However, you data will be placed in a folder called "Windows.old" and you may retrieve them. However you have to reinstall all of your programs.
After 10 days, clean install is the only way.