Fully block custom scale factor?

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I'm using Windows 11 on different screens (hdpi laptop, external FullHD, external 4K) but I'd like Windows 11 to stop changing the scale factor and resolution each time I connect to a different environment.


Each time I switch to a different display, I have to go to the dispaly settings and turn off custom scale factor, put it back to 100% and this is getting on my nerves.


Is there a way to have it stop rescaling automatically once and for all? I searched everywhere and the answer is always the same: turn off custom scale factor, signout and sign back in.

Problem is that next time you sign in, it's back to 200% and automatic scale factor, etc...

I don't want Windows to change the scale factor automatically.


Any way to do this or should I abandon Windows 11?
Thanks for any help


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Pressing the Windows key + I to open the Settings app, and then click on "Display" from the left menu. Scroll down to the "Display settings" section, and toggle off the switch next to "Automatically adjust the size of windows and icons so they are always fit in the screen" (this is where the magic happens).