Freeze when alt-tabbing out of games

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Hi. For about a week or 2 I have been getting a new bug. My entire PC freezes when I alt-tab out of a game, specifically VALORANT but it happens with other games as well. Playing on windowed/windowed borderless doesn't help. I can still hear sounds and can even still be heard when in a discord call but the only way to unfreeze is to hit the power button and force restart. I hate having to do this every time I play because it is harmful to my PC. I've seem similar threads before about this issue coming up since the last few weeks none with a real fix. Is Microsoft aware of /looking into the the issue? I've heard it's an issue on windows 11 only hence why I posted here. I even tried to downgrade back to windows 10 but it states it's not possible on this computer anymore. Is there a fix coming?  


edit: forgot to mention, first exiting fullscreen with F11 and then alt-tabbing out doesn't work either, still freezes

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@xsolane i have the same problem but Windows 10 Pro, and I freakin hate it 

@xsolane same

  • windows 11 (64bit)
  • Valorant

Edit: sorry, i already found the solution but forgot to post here.

You just have to do is:

       •Disable any OS level gaming mode

       •Disable fast boot option in your Windows (it's some kernel level issue that making problems)

Just Google what happens when you disable/enable fast boot option to know more about this tip. (Am lazy:sleeping_face:)

And play without any obstruction :thumbs_up:


@xsolane it's fixed for me now, don't know what changed.

LMK if you're able to find a solution to this problem or if anyone else knows. ive been having this problem since i got my pc@xsolane 

This worked for me as well. Thanks

@xsolane I’m having the exact same issue while playing valorant

not a windows 11 error, this is a processing and Grafics erorr.

@xsolane I have the same issue..


I've noticed a lot of times when the game goes into a loading screen (in dying light 2) or as soon as a match ends in valorant and I hit alt tab, my entire pc freezes.


I can hear discord call, even talk, but nothign else works. I have to hold the power button and restart too.


I recently bought my laptop, about a month and a half ago (a legion 5 pro 32gb 1tb rtx 3070) and I also have the same problem.


would love for a suggestion to have it fixed

If a full-screen application, similar to a game, freezes and keeps you from leaving it, press Alt+F4. This shuts the application on the off chance that the game is simply encountering graphical issues, yet it won't work assuming the application has frozen totally. To check whether the PC is as yet answering, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete

@xsolane, it will be fixed when downgraded. You can use "create installation media windows 10". search up windows 10 iso download and download the tool. You can simply open it and follow the steps. Your files will be deleted but some of them still exist on my computer after the downgrade.

I had exactly the same issue (very annoying I know) and the solution for me was to disable Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling (HAGS), this can be found in Settings-->Display-->Graphics-->Default Graphics Settings, turn it off and restart. I hope this helps for you.

I have a NVIDIA 2070 GPU and Intel i5-12600K CPU.


@xsolane I had this issue on windows 10. My solution was to uninstall the nvidia ge experience drivers and reinstall them. If you open it theres an option to reinstall them if not instead of gameready drivers you can chose another option it has that it will overide the actual one, then reinstall the gameready


disable hardware accelerating from game mode\grafic settings and will be not do problems anymore