Freeze when alt-tabbing out of games

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Hi. For about a week or 2 I have been getting a new bug. My entire PC freezes when I alt-tab out of a game, specifically VALORANT but it happens with other games as well. Playing on windowed/windowed borderless doesn't help. I can still hear sounds and can even still be heard when in a discord call but the only way to unfreeze is to hit the power button and force restart. I hate having to do this every time I play because it is harmful to my PC. I've seem similar threads before about this issue coming up since the last few weeks none with a real fix. Is Microsoft aware of /looking into the the issue? I've heard it's an issue on windows 11 only hence why I posted here. I even tried to downgrade back to windows 10 but it states it's not possible on this computer anymore. Is there a fix coming?  


edit: forgot to mention, first exiting fullscreen with F11 and then alt-tabbing out doesn't work either, still freezes

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Do you have your drivers installed (Graphics)?
yes i updated everything i could possibly think of to the latest versions
i have the same problem :(
Have the same problem.. Valorant freezes my whole pc…

@xsolane I have the same problem.

@xsolane yeah windows 11 is an absolute scam. happens to me too

same here, in case anyone gets any solution plz let us know here in the thread.

@xsolane same happens for me, i'm in dire need of a fix for this. it's only started happening like this month too maybe just before.

@YuFuu I have „downgraded“ my pc to windows 10 and will try later if it changed anything. I will keep you all updated :)

Same happens to me (Win 11 64-bit)

@xsolane UPDATE: I reinstalled windows 10 and the problem is gone! So to everyone who has this problem. Stay away from windows 11 until it’s fixed there, keep windows 10 :)


i dont know what's wrong with mine then tbf because i'm not even on windows 11 haha

Then you doesn’t have the same problem like he described.
The original writer specifically said that there is windows 11 installed.
You all should reinstall windows 10 and keep your drivers clean. Not just mindlessly installing every driver and not deinstall the existing ones, maybe that’s the problem with yours YuFuu. And no a downgrade from 11 to 10 is not possible. You should Safe your important files on a separate hard drive or ssd and do a clean reinstall of windows 10. Hope this helped :)

@xsolane I have the same issue. It happens on windows 10 too. League of legends, borderlands 3, are just a few. It even happens with other apps like chrome. Need a solution ASAP

Ssame happens to me. Need to turn off the power button. Nothing works@xsolane 

@xsolane same thing happens here need a solution asap 

Solution: Reinstall windows and don’t install 11. Probably it’s an driver issue.

Same problem here, windows 11 and need to force restart when tabbed out. I'm not going to do a roll back to win 10 for 1 game.