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May 31 2023, 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
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Forgot to give admin rights to an account in Win 11

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Typically I create install or admin local accounts for a local windows PC so the user doesn't accidentally install a virus with admin rights.    I rebooted before I assigned admin rights to the install account and the default user doesn't have admin rights.   This usually a big deal as I'd just hack the windows set up -  however this is a dell PC and if you boot off a thumb drive it doesn't give you access to the default formatted raid drive.


I tried to follow this - however with Windows 11, you don't get startup settings under troubleshooting - you do get startup repair which won't help.   If I try to run msconfig in windows - that requires admin rights.


I could just reformat but I'm curious if there is another solution to the problem.

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@Boe Dillard 

Thank you for this topic also I would like to know how to solve it?

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I figured it out.

Go to the bios - set the drive to ahci

boot off the thumb drive

run disk part

select the volume

assign it a letter

Do the standard windows hack from that drive letter

remove the drive letter

boot - switch the bios back to raid - they really should stop making that the default IMHO

use the new account