Folder icon previews - will this be fixed?

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Working in architectural CGI, our enormous 3D asset library has been set up with each asset folder containing a single preview (jpeg) file alongside a sub-folder containing the 3D asset. In Windows 10, this means the jpeg file is previewed beautifully on each folder. This is necessary as many items cannot be identified by their names, only an image.


In Windows 11, we now have the first couple of top-level folders with re-designed and much less useful ‘half’ image preview folder icon. Even worse, once we enter sub folders, the folders icons are blank.


Itis imperative for a business like ours and I would wager thousands of other businesses who work in the visual and creative arts with extensive digital asset libraries set up in this manner.


Simply, will Microsoft implement file previews as per Windows 10 in Windows 11?



P Mitchell.

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