File Explorer bug re UNC paths

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In the past few months a bug has appeared in File Explorer: when I enter a server UNC path in the address box, e.g. \\myserver\e$   and hit Return often nothing happens (no error), when what should happen is  a login dialogue should appear so I can enter the username & password I need to connect. Note this issue is intermittent but is frequent. It does not happen in Windows 10 File Explorer, e.g. for the same UNC path.


I'm on Windows 11 Enterprise v22H2, Windows Update is not showing v23H2 yet.



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I have the exact same issue with any UNC paths. They work, then all of the sudden File Explorer does not respond to hitting enter with a UNC path in the address bar. The only workaround I have found so far is to restart the File Explorer task in Task Manager. It will work for awhile, then quit again.
Highly annoying for a SysAdmin.


Thanks for your reply. Upgrading to Windows 11 23H2 didn't fix the issue for me but I've found a workaround: press Windows button R to invoke the 'Run' box and enter the UNC path in there, it then opens it ok in File Explorer (after prompting for username & password if needed).