File content doesn't transfer with files ...

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Windows 11 was automatically installed on my old HP laptop. That's when the trouble started, but thought since it was 5 years old it was time to replace. Bought new HP laptop also with Windows 11. So it should be easy to transfer files and programs from old to new. Not so. From the very beginning it was nothing but trouble. First it was trouble transferring my Microsoft Office programs. After hours of struggling, finally accomplished the transfer. Then I couldn't transfer any PST files from my old Outlook. More hours and I'm still not sure how I accomplished it. Problem now is that none of the content of my Excel files will save to any document folder. The only way I can access them is in the Excel dashboard - but for how long? I have now been struggling with this for weeks and have not stumbled on any solution - including using safe mode to save. If anyone out there can help, I really can use it. However, I had to vent how terrible Windows 11 is. What if I were to go back to Windows 10? Anyone have thoughts on that?

Call me Sick Rick - sick and tired of Windows 11 incompetence!!!!! Wish they could send out a patch to all of us!!!

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