Feedback/suggestions wanted: Windows Wire

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Hello Windows community!


Microsoft just piloted a new video series called the Windows Wire. The goal is to help you get caught up on upcoming events, new blog posts and documentation, and other helpful resources--in five minutes or less. It's a combination of "what's up next" and ICYMI (in case you missed it). 


Would love for you to watch it and share your thoughts. What topics should be the focus of a future episode? What types of resources should they highlight? Any special guests you'd like to see for a mini-interview?


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Thank you for the video and information, it is indeed very helpful but please add the URL and date and time for events below the video and in the description. I wanted to watch to video as whole but I have to pause and write down such information and having them in description will make my job easier.
Add videos about how to and tips and tricks in the Windows 11 would be nice too.
Discussion about advantage of Windows 11 over Windows 10.
It would be nice to highlight hot topic in this forum and share response.
For example, in this forum we have hot discussions and it would be nice to highlight them in the video and share official response.
The post shouldn't be just about Microsoft but also about community and top discussions in the forum.

Thanks for the feedback, @Reza_Ameri! I'll work with the team to get the video description updated with that information today, and take them your ideas for content to cover.

Thank you, it would be nice to continue such a practice in the future.
Personally, I normally watch the video to the end and then look into description for links and if there is no description, then I have to watch to video second time and this time pause and capture information.
I think it would be fun to talk about what could be in new updates (preview or full releases) for windows, and maybe what won't be put in at all, as to not get people's hopes up that wasn't confirmed or unconfirmed and then it never to be put in, so we know that something definitely won't be put in