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Facebook and Instagram Pages Won't Load on Domain Connected Windows 11 PC

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I have a strange issue and if it weren't for needing to update Facebook and Instagram for work, it wouldn't be a problem. 

I decided to get a head start on Windows 11 to begin using and testing it. I upgraded on my Work PC, Laptop and On-Call LTE Surface. On the laptop and Surface, I also did a CLEAN install after the upgrade but did not do a clean install on my WorkPC. My laptop and Surface are NOT DOMAIN joined. 


On my Domain Joined work PC, I can no longer access Facebook or Instagram via Microsoft Edge. You type the URL, and the tab has a "spinning" indicator but the page never loads nor does it give an will usually perpetually spin or just show a white page. I fired up Chrome and same thing but if you wait long enough it MAY load but mostly the same thing. 


I've tried a different Edge Profile and even used guest and in-private mode. Same results.


If I disable the network card on this domain joined PC and go on the Wi-Fi (which is outside domain), Facebook and Instagram work fine. As soon as I renable the network card on the domain, bam, it stops. 

I went ahead and upgraded another, domain joined PC in the office (with a different PC name) to Windows 11 and tried Facebook and Instagram and they work under my profile. Just fine.


So I decided to clean install my work PC to see if something was gummed up. I joined my PC (under same PC name) to the domain, tried Facebook and Instagram and same problem. Pages just spin and spin and won't load. 


So I am assuming it has something with my PC name on this domain. I am the IT Director and ONLY IT person here so it isn't like someone went in and blocked those sites.


Any clue? I often update our company's social media sites daily so it is inconvienent to move to a new PC just to do this. 

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I have the same issue after upgrade to Windows 11. I am really disappointed that no one talk about. They should at least give user to decide, can't block just like that.