error opening files onedrive

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Ever since getting a Surface Pro 8 with windows 11 I have had issues with one drive not showing previews of files, not opening files stating that onedrive personal is not signed in and the latest "error 0x80007016a: the cloud file provider is not running onedrive".

I have reset it numerous times but the issues always come back and its frustrating having to troubleshoot everytime I am working with onedrive files. I have run out of help on the internet and hoping someone here can assist to fix the problem once and for all.

Thanks :)

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@Pernille-Eskebo I also have an issue like this (only mine has a dialog box with "can't open this file" as the heading and "Make sure Dan - Personal OneDrive is running on your PC, then try again."

@theglobalidahoan I’ve discovered that security software (ccleaner) is shutting it down to maintain the laptop. I was restarting the computer but I have now put my OneDrive icon in the taskbar permanently and have found opening it (clicking on it) logs me in and resolved the issue. Annoying as it’s an extra step but at least it’s working now.