Error creating a Windows Hello PIN

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I've seen there are a number of posts on here and also online relating to users unable to create a Windows Hello PIN and I have experienced this issue. 


I have tried the various troubleshooting tips inc. deleting the Ngc folder, adding something to the registry etc. I've even got to the trouble of resetting my brand new laptop (purchased yesterday) and installing a fresh version of Windows and that didn't work. 


The only thing I have found, that if I convert my online Windows account to a local account, it lets me set a PIN. BUT, even though it lets me login using Hello, and knows I have a PIN, it still gives me prompts once logged in that I need to add a PIN, which I try, and it fails. It's almost as if it detects my old online account still despite it being converted to a local user. 


Does anyone have any ideas on how I can set a PIN? This issue is getting frustrating. To be honest, after 15+ years of using Macs, I switched to Windows. So far the experience has been very pleasant indeed, apart from this PIN issue.

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Hi, have you signed in to the Microsoft Store with a Microsoft personal account?

Have you signed in to Edge with a Microsoft account?

Hi @A1-A1, I created the account after doing a fresh install and it failed. I didn't go in and sign into Microsoft Store or Edge. But I assume because I used an online account it would have signed in for me? 


This is the basic synchronization that you need to do, and especially after a clean installation of Windows.

you wrote that you have a local Windows account - no synchronization?

@A1-A1 I current do not have a local account. I did before doing a clean install. 


Did you sync your system activation with your Microsoft account?

@A1-A1 Just checked and it is synced with my MS account.


very good, now open the Windows settings ( accounts , your information ) then 

Verify your identity to sync, after performing proper verification, restart the computer and try to configure the pin :)

-Verify your Microsoft account and try setting up PIN then.

-If you've any school/work account connected, remove it.

-If issue still persists, create a new local account and switch it to Microsoft account, then try to setup PIN.