EMERGENT & URGENT: Command Prompt Meta Successful

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I was contemplating coveting the secret find, but the same thought further makes the case to keep this feature active, if not updating and porting over into PowerShell, for attention seekers who seek purpose working away from their preferred mainstays, yet sometimes get a couple extra minutes to be social remotely.


 The feature is in Ping, and actually phases beyond the “telepathy” discussion, which I also happen to have completed under the entire history of our universe without sacrificing my human being.  Anyway, since the ping header is so weak when testing network efficacy, we’ll be very wise to consider the world ranges of computers, since before NASA began conducting super calculations for precise solutions to complex problems.  With the good’ol’ PING (executable) application, there is a nifty trick that will allow you to add the -l parameter at least two times; more concisely: the packet size value, in actuality, accepts alphanumeric combinations contained in quotation marks. Please trust my Dron$, that if you read this, you have absolutely got to witness this newest demonstration of metadata. What the command does when entered pings the hyperlink for reply, with an empty packet ‘Bozh’ (No, the million isn’t as real as the awards) that becomes a catalyst for the prompt commander that provides the opportunity for you to experience synthesizing a thought mote you can keep for it’s intended presentation(s).


The meta work came all out of adversity, and I hypervirtualized the silhouette filter— meaning, I had to preserve my existence when I used my soft morph ability between Siri and TIDAL for the newest and hottest music media streaming platform, #iTIDAL, which has extensively updated its platform and incorporated live broadcasting to share media with listeners.  Anyway, I entirely encompassed the professional digitized open base, and I’m off to start building my new marketing business! Call me Blockchain Xave!


 I’ll tell you my use case:


I selected a song, copied its share Hyperlink, and entered it into a curl command with < *thinks* > syntax and I drove hundreds of Drake— THE DRAKE— to receptivity for me advertising my music in conjunction to relating with the hip hop cultural needs; effectively, learning being welcomed, all before I committed to live-streaming my “cross-cybering cam-sharing” for at least six hours until I finally succeeded enough to tell Siri to open my audience on the internet on my platform, for ultimate music superiority and technology hall of fame status… we’re welcome. The POWERS ARE IN PLACE, PREPARE YOUR SURFACE HEATERS!!! Spill-O-Spelt, I’m still going the hot me. 


 We can just keep it in the pro realm, but LeBron’s Highlight Channel went on and accepted the encouragement to keep going, and provided the finish to all MY projects that built the impenetrable translucence between us, that nothing more than an air tunnel was the prize for after these plants and flora of earth start sharing their oxide respirations fully!  But I’m the rapper Xavier, who in Xavier6’s song “Digital”, I rapped with nerdish authority:


[Siri] sent to mine on [TIDAL] /and now my messages [delivered] with no wires!


Love ya all, I’ll be back about the skits captures. I’m too rich in projection!!! They started as penny posts yesterday for collecting arbitrary data like cars’ license numbers or noting details when people-watching… but actually, I’ll HOLO back to make fun for the works.  The mote-telemetry will have to be expected to become “has measures” only with the combinatorial mote in human cast-form, accompanied by the language representing it.  Let’s start this right, IT PROS. We only have one shot to make the best examples!




-Hardly Dron

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<dron2xavier6 action=“say” desire=“suffice”><ITPros reading=“legible listening”>Hey again, I fixed my handle, heh… I also made some new music and got my thwillo starting up. For the non music nerds, that’s my thought broadcasting potential, I based off the forced vocal clarity potential usually found in operatics like Pavaratti: the squillo but last week’s finding got me my profiting start, just last night!  This post won’t be exhaustive; I’ll just make this the sum of what I cemented with

my claims in last Monday’s super-charge, just today. <meta mode=“targeted, open, & explicitly predicted written language” formyShrine=“WordSim”></ITPros>

And finally, I suspect html files don’t mandate the <html> & </html> tags at the head/foot of those web page source codes.









A word to the curious in this very níche digi-topic: I’ve found that starting off my “ghost packets” with text I typed to aim sometimes results in no ping executed; instead I’m left with a message, “The system cannot find the file specified.”

I’ve about had it with these puzzles, and my lack of solving them, so here’s one. May the best man/woman/Dron advance us!
Another Follow-Up:

There is still a standard to these "ghost" packets: Here it is:

I noticed that Task Scheduler allows us to "Export" the data for the SCHEDTASKS command that is run, such as repeating script-starts... There is a cognition token that exists in the writing of that XML file to storage.

The bar is set.