Edge > Report this Ad: does little to nothing when used

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'Report this Ad' doesn't seem to do much of anything.


Repro with all updates and fresh reboot on Windows Surface Laptop: 

1) Open MS Edge start page, there should be plenty ads shown to test

2) Choose an ad you dont want to see. Pick one you can remember like 'Top Credit Card for 2022'

(note: four radio buttons are shown, though this experience may vary?)

3) Select: 'Not Interested in this Ad', then click Submit

4) Close Edge, then reopen it - to be super sure your feed is reloaded

5) Look for Ad that you reported


Results: Ad 'Top Credit Card for 2022' is displayed, often 2-3 times on the same page

Expected: User reported ads should NOT be shown. 


No limit to the number of ads reported is ever mentioned, so please dont try that excuse.

Either your code doesnt work, or you have provided a feature that is misrepresented.


I have tested all four radio button selections, and found them all to mostly behave the same, as if they are just there to augment the search personalization algorithm (at best)


Please fix, and perhaps describe *somewhere* how you intend them to behave. When I say 'I am not interested' I dont expect to see the same ad again and again and again. Even worse when it really is misleading or inappropriate! 



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