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May 31 2023, 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
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Double-clicking Outlook system tray icons no longer restores the app since Moment 2 update

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Since the lastest release, if I double-click my Outlook mail icon in the system tray, it does not bring Outlook to focus. It simply makes the icon flash in the task bar.

Also, the system tray icons take up much more space now - is it possible to have them appear on two rows, or bunched closer together?

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The same thing is happening to me, it doesn't bring the window to the front, it keeps flashing in the taskbar.

Also, it would even be better if it came out with just one click like the rest of the applications, that menu that comes out with one click also comes out with the right click, so the double click would not be necessary.

@jclago  The same thing is happening to me, it doesn't bring the window to the front, it keeps flashing in the taskbar.  I really miss it and it's really annoying that it stopped working

@frederick_hope You can go to file, options, advance and untick the "show Apps in Outlook" That will make your Outlook view back to "classic" and also double click in the system tray.

Unfortunately I have to start working with Apps so I hope MS fix that behavior asap.

Thanks mate, that is a good workaround actually!


EDIT: It worked the first time, but now it is playing up again with the same issue :sad:
Thanks anyways!

Thank you both, but it still doesn't work. Outlook is maximized but keeps behind all other windows.
Hey - I'm running Version 2208 Build 16.0.15601.20540, and don't see any option for "Show Apps in Outlook" - my view looks like the standard/default from previous releases. Nonetheless, double-clicking in the system tray doesn't bring up Outlook as the active window, but right-clicking and selecting "Open Outlook" does...

However, if I have no active windows showing, and double-click the system tray icon, it opens fine.


@mattmcspirit this is where the option is:



However, as stated in my earlier comment. It did not fix the problem for me. Your workaround of right-clicking the tray icon then clicking 'Open Outlook' does work however, but it's probably no quicker for me to do than just double-clicking the tray icon, then the taskbar icon. In my case with multiple inboxes, the 'Open Outlook' option contains sub-menu options that I also have to click, so it's a bit slow.

@frederick_hope Thank you - yep, confirmed, I don't have the option, could be IT haven't rolled out the latest Office update to us yet, or have disabled that functionality with a policy.


On a related note, have you seen Snipping Tool display similar behavior? When I take a rectangular snip, it always used to put the resultant snip as the active window, ready for editing/saving etc. Now however, the icon on the taskbar just flashes, (just like Outlook does when you double-click the system tray) and you have to then click on the taskbar icon to see your resultant snip. More clicks....


Wasn't sure if the two are linked, but reading the reviews here, it seems the latest update to the Snipping Tool broke things, so may just be a coincidence! (

@mattmcspirit no mate hadn't noticed that although I don't use the snipping tool. I always just used Print Screen or Alt + Print Screen then manual crop in mspaint. I just gave the tool a try though and I am experiencing the same behaviour you describe. After selecting the area, it does not come to the forefront.


Speaking of mspaint, it had a particularly egregious bug after this update where when closing an unsaved document, the dialog box that prompts you to save / discard the document would simply not appear, but the main application window was "stuck" as if it was waiting for you to action said prompt. I thought initially that the dialog was hiding on another monitor somewhere or off screen but apparently not as I saw online that other people had reported the issue too. I normally put up with Windows updates but I think I'm starting to get into my "grumpy old man" stage of life.

I'm already at that stage of life :) I just downloaded Sniptool from the store, and that seems to work well, and very configurable. And for editing, for the win! :)

Hopefully a future build fixes this stuff!



What sometimes have worked for me is double clicking the system tray icon, give a brief pause and then do it again. It has often times worked when I am patient enough to give a decent pause, but when you are in middle of things and want to move fast it is quite frustrating and you may as well just do right-click and select 'open outlook'. 

Sometimes it takes time, Do it slowly, just take a pause and do it again or click only once and the problem will be gone, it's as easy as that, isn't it.
Is there any planned fix for this issue? It is very annoying, I thought it is related to Windows 11 upgrade. All the other applications on single LPM maximize and focus the window while Outlook is showing context menu and this is most likely what is causing this issue.
@rzepcio I thought you might be on to something with the context menu being a potential cause, but I have another app that on single-click opens a context menu, and on double-click shell executes correctly and brings the window to the foreground. That app is 'Intel® Driver & Support Assistant'.
I have the same problem. Now I must make 4 more clicks to see my inbox than before! And this is not only with outlook. This strange behavior of taskbar icons is also noted on other programs I use - like VLC player.

Any suggestions how to restore the previous behavior?