Documents folder under This PC points to TWO different locations

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Viewed as a top-level folder in the navigation pane, the Documents folder is pointing to C:\Users\username\Documents

Viewed as a subfolder of This PC however, it points to C:\Users\username\OneDrive\Documents.



If I right-click on this second folder and go to Properties, there is no Location tab to reset it to default (as there is on Downloads, Music, Pictures etc, or on the “top-level” Documents folder).


With all the other personal folders (Downloads, Pictures, Music etc), both the “top-level” folders AND the ones that show up as subfolders of This PC point to the same place (C:\Users\username\Foldername) and avoid OneDrive entirely. I want Documents to do the same. 


How we got this far: 

  • Unlinked OneDrive immediately (setting up new laptop).
  • Redirected my Personal Folders away from OneDrive and over to the folders directly under my username, using Microsoft's own instructions (operation-to-change-a-personal-folder-location-fails-in-windows) 
  • Removed the automatic HideIfEnabled for each personal folder in the Registry, following instructions from elsewhere (how-to-show-or-hide-folders-in-this-pc-on-windows-11)
  • Right-clicked within the navigation pane on Show All Folders.


This worked perfectly for every folder EXCEPT Documents - they all point to the local drive and no OneDrive in sight. They are all visible both as (apparent) top-level folders in the navigation pane, and as subfolders of This PC.


I noticed that within my User Shell Folder locations in the Registry, there are still some OneDrive entries, and one of them is for Documents (see screenshot below). Could this be my problem, and how do I fix it?



I have spent about 6 hours on this so far, so I would really like to resolve it.


Thanks in advance.

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