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Jun 05 2024, 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
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Disk Cleanup can't clean because of accumulating folders

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Ticking the "Temporary Files" category via Settings -> Storage or via Disk Cleanup and trying to clean it does not work. Around the same space is still taken by these files.


When going to %temp% (through the "Run" app) I can see many folders like shown in the attachment. All of these folders contain the executable DismHost.exe among many other .dll files. 


Googling DismHost.exe shows many people having this issue all back to 2015. They mention the issue is related to a Scheduled Task that can't be executed for some reason, but in my case there is no automated task whatsoever that is prevented around the time these folders are created. 


In my case, I noticed these folders are created the moment I try to clean the temporary files through Settings or Disk Cleanup.


Using Windows 11 Pro 21H2


Is anyone else noticing that Temporary Files can't be deleted and having their temp folder filled with  folders containing DismHost.exe?

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I recommend you to report this via Feedback hub. Worth to mention here that Disk Clean tool is considered deprecated by Microsoft. However, the issue must have been resolved with Storage settings.


Hi, you have 1.07G delivery optimization files -> tick them, you can safely delete them!
Why don't you delete it?

@Kapil Arya 


I have made a feedback. Could you please upvote it here?


Also, do you happen to have the same described issue?


@A1 It was a random screenshot from the internet to show what I meant.