Disconnecting Bluetooth crashes Windows 11

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Hi. Every time I disconnect the Bluetooth, my computer crashes. What information should I provide to get some guidance on how to solve this? 


Thank you 

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Did you get any error message or blue screen?
Is there any record in the "Application" or "System" log within the Windows Event Viewer that could provide you with more detailed information about the reason of the crash?
I recommend to update Bluetooth driver.

If this is BSOD error, you can perform DUMP file analysis to find out exact root cause. Here's how to do this:

Operating System: Specify whether you are using Windows, macOS, Linux, or another operating system, and mention the version.

Bluetooth Device Details: Identify the make and model of the Bluetooth device you are trying to disconnect.

Computer Specifications: Share information about your computer's hardware, such as the model, RAM, and processor.

Bluetooth Driver: Check and mention the version of your Bluetooth driver. You can find this in the device manager or system information.
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