Didn't WWE team noticed lots of problems in 11 24H2???

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1. The icon missing (this issue has been ongoing for half a year, but the team has not yet fixed it)

2. Explorer stability (WASDK still consumes a lot of CPU and RAMS, but performance is much slower than the old one. In addition, WASDK refresh only adjusts the gallery and homepage. When can it be fully refreshed?)

3. The remaining old UI has not been refreshed (since last year, many settings have been refreshed, but still not been brought to the stable version, recovery environment still uses the Metro design, screen lock still uses the 10's animation, and so on)

4. Please migrate all shell parts to WIN32!! (UWP performance is much slower than win32. So please migrate as soon as possible!!)

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@JZ0105 If you're experiencing slow performance or high CPU usage, you can try restarting your computer, closing unnecessary apps, or disabling unnecessary services.