Didn’t turn on Hyper-V manually, however I see while installing VMware Workstation in Windows 11?

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I didn’t enable or turn on Hyper-V manually in Windows 11.


I checked by these ways,

  • Win+R (as Administrator) > systeminfo
  • In Windows features list Hyper-V is not showing.
  • In Windows features, Windows Hypervisor Platform is checked. I unchecked it.
  • Win+R (as Administrator) > services.msc

In all ways, I didn’t find, Hyper-V is enabled.


While installing VMware Workstation in Windows 11, I see message as below.














Please let me know, where I can check and disable Hyper-V?

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Sounds like a "ghost" task. A non-existent task.
Would it make sense to repeat the steps you mentioned above, once 100% disconnected from any network services, and one fully connected?
Windows Features - On/OFF Hyper-V