Device Manager - Windows changes settings without my permission

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I'm getting no traction from Dell, Microsoft, or any other support sites so I am posting here.


I have a major problem with my settings in Device Manager. I have a brand new Dell laptop.

I have drivers that control the touchpad on my laptop. I have set the "Allow the computer to turn off the device to save power" setting unchecked on all of my touchpad drivers.

Windows will randomly enable this setting without my permission. The result is that sometimes when I wake my laptop from Sleep, the touchpad is not working.

How do I stop Windows from changing this setting? The change is happening automatically and I want it to stop.

Before one of the idiot Microsoft employees or independent advisors jumps on here:

- This is a brand new computer, have had it for 1 week

- This happens with the factory drivers and the updated recent drivers directly from Microsoft and Intel

- The touchpad has already been replaced with a new touchpad, behavior still occurs

- My user account is an Administrator account
- I already have all of the newest Dell updates and Windows updates, including Bios updates

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